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My favourite food store

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Just outside of the CBD, but easily reached through the cross Sydney tunnel, Gourmet Life is an impressive shop on New South Head Road, on the left as you head up to Edgecliff station. It’s a foodie-paradise and it is really just a realisation of a dream of one man: Josh Rea.

Josh grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, the youngest of three boys in a family of four. His mother spent much of her early life in Europe and was educated at a Swiss finishing school, returning to Australia with a deep appreciation of European cuisine. His father was both a fishmonger and a baker, and from him Josh inherited an interest in fishing and the outdoors that extended to diving for crayfish and abalone. Together, his parents established a home with a large vegetable garden where the family enjoyed the delights of wonderful home cooked meals using only the freshest ingredients.

On leaving Tasmania Josh lived in Melbourne for some years, working in sales and marketing, before moving to Sydney where he inevitably became involved in the gourmet food trade.

Josh has broad experience in the fine food market, having worked closely with leading Australian importers and wholesalers, and with numerous delicatessens, butchers, fishermen and fishmongers, farmers, renowned chefs and top restaurants, and with people who are simply fine food fanatics.

He initially specialized in truffles, mushrooms, foie gras and caviar and he still is undoubtedly one of the top guys in this field. His products are simply superb and as he grew and expanded he made sure that this passion for top quality translated into the goods he imported. From almonds via Beluga to mid-cuit foie gras to razor clams or Italian coffee; he stocks it all and it’s short dated, high turn around so you will never get old stock. The shop is a real treasure trove and if you’re into food then expect that your credit card will take a near fatal hit… but it will be worth it.

The retail shop has been open for two years now but in reality Josh Rea has been looking after restaurants with his wholesale operation for more than ten years.
To gaze into Josh’s crystal ball tells me that he obviously wants to be growing bigger and even better, gaining varieties of superior produce from all over the world. Moving forward he definitely would like to grow his wholesale business and have him being one of the main suppliers to all the restaurants throughout Australia, and guess what? I reckon he’ll succeed!

If I had to single out just one food store in Sydney to visit, Gourmet Life would be it!