Samyang 14mm Super Wide Angle

The Samyang f2.8/14mm IF ED UMC ultra wide-angle lens has an aperture range from 2.8 to 22. It is compatible with APS-C and Full Frame sensor cameras and is a hybrid aspherical lens, producing super sharp images with literally no distortion when levelled. It’s multi-layered coating reduces flare to almost zero, even when shooting directly into the sun.
In the box: The lens arrives with front and real lens caps, and an inbuilt, petal-type lens hood. It is available for Canon, Nikon or Sony A mount.
This lens is fully manual. Manual focus is not a problem as with such a wide angle lens the focus is not critical and the depth of field phenomenal. Manual setting of aperture, again, is not a problem, although the image does get darker in the viewfinder as you close the aperture down. IF you’re using a Sony body you will have to set it to fire without a lens connected, as the camera body does not recognise a fully manual lens.

Image sharpness: superb
Image distortion: minimal
Image angle: Full frame: 115.7º APS-C 58.9º
Focus: 27.4cm to ∞
Size: 87 x 96.1mm
Weight: 552g

Best news: Less than Au $500

Verdict: Value for money this is a real gem. Produced in Korea, this lens is extremely well built, durable and as good as many lens out there that costs 10 x as much.
Sony A900 Test


Dee Why Beach

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