ISO 25,600

For all of us growing up with film we were used to emulsions from 25 ASA to a high of 400 ASA and in special circumstances we even used a rare beast like ‘Kodak Recording Film’ which was rated at 1,000 ASA and could be pushed, with an acceptable grain, to 1,600 ASA. Once we entered the digital world (and many said: this has no future… how wrong they were) things changed pretty dramatically and pretty quickly. ASA changed to ISO (but it was basically just a name change) and suddenly when a camera ‘only’ went to ISO 6,000 is was counted as a limitation. How things have changed.

Now we see ISO ratings up into six figures but there are limitations where we pay with noise for the privilege of sensitivity. As technology advances we expect more and more and when Sony brought out the Alpha 7R, full size sensor with a 36.4 megapixel resolution it was probably the most exciting Sony release to date. The ISO range goes all the way to ISO 25,600 and I decided to test this with the constant f4 70-200 Sony G Zoom lens. The results were nothing short of astounding, and perfectly useable on a professional level. The sensor size and high megapixels, combined with in-camera noise reduction that really works, gives you a sharp, almost noiseless result. The future has indeed arrived…

The images below were taken with a Sony Alpha 7R and a Sony f4/70-200G Zoon, on Aperture priority (set to F8), all hand-held at a party, available light only, at ISO 25,600

WHisky Event at Andrew Derbige's House WHisky Event at Andrew Derbige's House WHisky Event at Andrew Derbige's House


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