Photography is painting with light to give the viewer the illusion of reality

The Mouse That Roared

By Franz Scheurer

Today’s rapidly moving technology can leave even experts confused and make it hard to choose a camera that can ‘do it all’. If you want a high level of control, a large range of lenses, good usability in bad light and the option of taking great pics and high definition movies, then you either lug a DSLR outfit along or you look at one of the new mirror-less cameras.

But if you also want a camera that is easy and fast to use and delivers amazing results set to fully automatic, then, in my opinion, your only choice is the Leica V-Lux 4.

Great all-round camera with a decent zoom

Great all-round camera with a decent zoom

This camera is light and ridiculously small for what it does. It delivers pin-sharp images throughout an enormous zoom range from 25mm to 600mm (35mm equivalent). An ISO range from 50 to 3200, which is set to ‘auto’ by default and a Leica first, and a zoom lens that maintains maximum aperture of 2.8 throughout the zoom range, guarantee good images in low light. Set it to multiple images (from 2 up to 60 per second) and you have a perfect safari camera, making it easy to capture those big cats or birds in flight plus giving you High Definition video. The auto-focus is quick, throughout the range, and much more accurate than most human eyes. The results with the whole camera set to automatic are unbelievably good; it’s like having your own professional photographer in your pocket.

The camera comes with an inbuilt, pop-up flash, full manual control if you so desire, a strap and a lens hood. The only thing I suggest you buy on top of what’s in the box is a UV filter to protect your lens. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a new filter should you scratch it than replace the camera.

It truly is a ‘Mouse that Roared’.

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